HubPi Cam(USB,Camera,Case)


Hi Everyone,

Recently i came across an amazing product by referencedesigner Inc, its HubPi Cam,It is integrated with a USB hub,Camera and a mechanical enclosure(case) . This product is an addon to your Raspberry pi 0 W at a cheaper rate,only at $45. If you buy camera and USB hub it may cost you around $40 , so it was economical choice for me to go for this product at $45. I find it as a complete solution to your Raspberry pi series in terms of hardware and price. You can connect to your Raspberry through pogo pins and it also supports dongles for wifi and bluetooth.

The camera is quite good and i am impressed with its picture quality. If you are imaginative enough you can do lot of things like for monitering something,recording some sequences as well. Camera is connected with HubPi Cam through four pins connector.

The mechanical enclosure provided is a beautifull thing provided by company. You can place your Raspberry at the bottom of case and above it your Hubpi Cam and connect it. It provides security and also gives a pleasent look and advantage of everything at one place.

This design can be expanded through its four pin through holes like you can communicate with it AtMega microcontroller .

Delivery and services of product is quite good and has been kept with the best of customers intrests. If company is unable to deliver mechanical enclosure ie case then in that case company provides a USB hub.

Overall the product is usefull and i recommend this Raspberry pi users.




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