Amazon Tap – What to expect


When Amazon releases Tap – an intelligent voice controlled device, it ushers in a new way you listen the music literally by tapping a button and asking for the music you want.


The Microphone logo is exactly the one used in Android systems, but the underlying voice recognition engine is not from google’s cloud, but, according to amazon – form Alexa voice service that recognizes and delivers music from a number of sources including Pandora, Spotify.

The Tap could create a totally new kind of consumer electronics gadget leveraging the importance of Auditory senses over the visual. As someone remarked, our ears are more intelligent as they are nearer to our brain. In one sense, Tap reminds of the AM and FM radios before the advent of ubiquitous Televisions in 1980s. Tap improves upon by leveraging Wifi Connectivity and the cloud based intelligent voice recognition over.

Music is not the only service

Thinks of Apple’s Siri on a Cell phone without any display. You ask for something and Siri will intelligently serve you with answer or the service. For example I can ask for weather condition in next two days. You can even ask for Uber or even order a pizza. Though some skeptics remains – for example, how the Uber driver is going to spot your exact location. The Tap does not seem to come with integrated GPS. But for a large number of services, Tap is going to be useful and music is something that we use more often.

Stream your Music from Cell Phone

Since Tap has in built Bluetooth, you can also stream the music from your cell phone.

Rechargeable Battery

This is a key distinguishing factor of Tap. You can take the Tap wherever you want and be assured of 9 hours of music in one full recharge. Just come back remember to recharge with provided charging cradle.

Cloud Software makes it better over time

Amazon says that your Tap keeps getting better with addition of new features and skill. It is actually not the Tap that keeps getting better, but the Cloud Software at Alexa that will be refined over the time to make Tap more and more responsive to your suggestions.

To be concluded

Once I first started studying about Tap, the first question that comes to mind is – how are we going to set up Wifi ?

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