ArduinoPixed – Well done novel Idea and for Pi Zero


Once in a while you have the Aha moment when you see a product like ArduinoPixed.  Live at kickstarter at the time of writing, it has surged past halfway for its estimated minimum $4000 target and we are confident that it will raise that money given its unique features.

The first of these key features is the USB Hub which is same as in “Hubpixed” utilizing the 4 Pogo Pins.  These spring action pins make contact with Raspberry Pi Zero and extend the USB and Power Supplies to the ArduinoPixed Board. Inside the ArduinoPixed we have a low cost 4 Port USB Hub. Three of these ports come to the USB connectors.

The 4th USB port is the most interesting one. It has a USB to UART chip that extends the Serial Port, which in turn connects to ATMEGA328 chip. This is the chip that is used in the Arduino Nano board.

So you can run the Arduino Nano program right from the Raspberry Pi Zero. The most basic set up is to hook up an HDMI TV off the Raspberry Pi Zero, and a USB Keyboard and a mouse off the Arduino Pixed and then start   programming the ArduinPixed.

The board also has an LED off ATMEGA328 and a push button. An onboard Thermistor can be used to read temperature. But the most interesting part  is the dual row header that has all the A/D Pins off the ATMEGA328 coming off. It is here that you can connect all kinds of sensors. You can then leverage the power of the Raspberry Pi Zero W and its integrated WIfi Bluetooth to upload the data to a server.

This video has more details if you wish to check out.

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