BAFX Bluetooth OBD II Review


Gizmostech recently had a chance to get its hand on the BAFX Bluetooth On Board Diagnostic II tool. We will be presenting the videos for un boxing, pairing on bluetooth, installing Torque Android app, using BAFX OBD 2 and our views.


Available at $24 at amazon the OBD II scan tool comes handy, if your car has any engine diagnostic light or any other fault displayed on its dashboard. A must have tool for Auto technicians, this tool is also very useful if you have a car that starts giving this error and you wish to know the code for any error. The knowledge of the error code will

1. Unboxing BAFX OBD 2

The white package is simple and contains only the OBD 2 tool itself, a small booklet of the manual and the CD. The booklet contains quick reference manual which I really liked. I did not have to go through internet or a lot of NOT useful material to get the job done.

The package also contains a CD that you will almost never need to use. It has some free versions software on it, that I never bothered to check. All you will need is a Torque Android application for your phone and this is the only piece of software you will need. Did I mention that that App is FREE.

2. Pairing your OBD II with Bluetooth on Android phone.

The On Board Diagnostic Tool OBD 2, communicates with your vehicle models 1996 or later. But you will need a Bluetooth enable Android phone to be able to see the results of the OBD 2 to Car Communication. iPhone users – sorry, I do not see anything for your, may be it does not exist, or may be I do not know. I do not really have an iPhone at the moment, so, to be honest, I can not comment on it.

For the OBD II, to be able to communicate to the Android phone, you will have to pair it using the Bluetooth. Before you start pairing process, insert the OBD 2 tool into your car. This will ensure that the OBD2 is powered up. The pairing process is simple. You need to tap the Setting and then turn on the bluetooth. and tap the Bluetooth button. You will have to enter 1234 as the pairing code to make it connect. This youtube captures the sequence, just in case you miss anything.

3. Installing the Torque Lite Software

The next thing you will need is an Android App, that will present the vehicle Data collected by the OBD 2 tool on your Android phone. The best App for this purpose, as far as we could find was the Torque Lite. There is also a premium Torque Pro App which is also not so expensive, but, for your purpose, the free Torque Lite is more than enough.

This video walks through the process of installing the Torque Lite Software

4. Checking error codes logs using Torque Lite App

Once the Torque Lite has been installed, it is time to use it for the actual reason you purchased it for – check the error code log.

This video walks through the process of checking the error code log.

5. Clearing Service Engine Soon or other errors

Sometimes you engine may show up a SES ( Service Engine Soon) or other similar errors that you may want to clear up. This video shows how to do it.

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