Electrolux IQ-Touch EI24ID50QS


Electrolux IQ-Touch EI24ID50QS is loaded with amazing features and offers versatile and flexible operations. Most importantly, it operates with moderate running cost.  Tough the dishwasher runs of elevated annual operating cost of around $31, it is considered to be much reasonable. It has the smallest complete wash cycle time of just 113 minutes, out of all the leading dishwashers in line. It works on optimum energy with the support of eco-friendly washing rounds which includes air drying option. You can set the washing cycle to operate on delayed start for 24 hours. Thus, Electrolux Dishwasher allows you to save more while working during off peak hours. Here is buyers’ review

Electrolux EI24ID50QS has a capacity to operate nine washing rounds with several washing options. Several items of any make and any degree of soiled can be tackled by varied pressure spray. Ceramic or crystal items are delicately washed by using stemware washing technique which is effective as well as gentle on delicate utensils. Tough stained utensils are cleaned using the technique of focused cleaning. Hard food disposer is absent in this dishwasher. Moreover, tough stained utensils may require pre-wash in order to polish off tightly clung food particles as there is no steam wash round. The sensor fitted in the dishwasher is programmed to sense dirt and then automatically sets the washing timer accordingly. It helps to clean the utensils by using optimum water as well as electricity. Detailed product description can be found here

To enhance user friendly controls, this machine is equipped with three sprays, 3 racks that can be adjusted according to the requirement and the foldable tines. Though it is equipped with just 12 slots which are spaced at lower end, it can still function well for bigger families. The controls are not seen and have child lock for safety. This dishwasher is hygienic and bags a certificate from National Sanitation Foundation to prove it.

Electrolux EI24ID50QS IQ-Touch is presented with 1 year warranty for labor as well as parts. Moreover, it carries 5 years warranty for its racks along with all its electronics. Door liner and tub is lucky to come with life time warranty.

Electrolux EI24ID50QS is one among the simplest models to be used out of all the leading dishwashers. Electrolux dishwasher comes with adept value. it is energy efficient machine running at low cost. It Hard food dispenser, steam washing round and auto cleaning filter is given a miss here.

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