Electrolux EW24ID80QS Review


Being versatile with amazing range of attributes and high level of user friendly technology, Electrolux EW24ID80QS could easily score 100 percent score. Making use of eco-friendly washing cycle combined with air drying technique, the massive stainless steel lined dishwasher has annual running toll of around $29. This reveals that it has a better energy efficient technology to help you in saving your electricity bill. This saving over electricity can be maximized by adjusting the washing cycle to start in advance to 24 hours. With this technique you can further lower per unit cost of energy. Check here for Buyers review

Electrolux EW24ID80QS is designed to offer nine rounds of washing. This is the only model among the leading dishwashers to offer so many wash rounds. According to your requirement, you can adjust the washing as well as drying cycles. Delicate ceramic items or crystal items are gently washed by using advanced stemware washing technique. On the other hand steam wash technique can battle with tough stained utensils. Presence of hard food disposal system adds up to convenience level.

Electrolux EW24ID80QS gives tough to the top rated dishwashing machines on user friendly front with better user operating controls and racks with adjustability features, foldable tines and a spray with variations in pressure. It can be a best choice of dishwasher with an array of attributes which includes working 24 hour later, flexible utensil basket and an authentication from National Sanitation Foundation. It has soil sensors which assure that your utensils are cleaned thoroughly by utilizing minimum quantity of water and electricity. Its controls are not seen easily, plus it is fitted with a child lock so that the door is not opened while the cycle is on.

The labor and mechanical parts are under coverage for one year, whereas electrical parts and racks get the coverage for 5 years. Door access and its tub come with coverage for lifetime.

Electrolux EW24ID80QS dishwasher is not only fitted with interesting features but also has user friendly technology. It is the best choice for bigger family as it is generously spaced. The best part is its flexible washing rounds and lesser operating cost. All these features in a package make it a best dishwasher option for economizing.  On energy saving front, the machine could manage to score 8 points out of 10. Amazon Discount Link

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