Haier HCR17W Compact Refrigerator


Encompassing a total storage space of 1.7 cubic feet internally, the Haier HCR17W happens to be a considerably silent, light and compact refrigerator in the midgets category.

Measuring at 17.87×18.87×19.37 inches, it represents a compact and cute cube that basically can fit comfortably, be it any part of your house or even the garage offering that extra luxurious convenience. Tipping the scale at 34.2 lbs it is not that heavy and can be easily shifted around. The flat back and straight panels slide in easily in tight corners. But it necessary to ensure that there is some space left for air circulation. It quiet operation feature is quite a welcome option for storing something really atmosphere sensitive like medicinal drugs, milk, etc.

To accommodate a better part of eatables and consumables, the Haier HCR17W is structured likewise. The heart of the fridge, its compressor is located down at back lowerside. This arrangement makes the bottom shelf half of the upper shelf. The freezer module stick out at the upper corner of the upper shelf with a provision for a sliding tray below it to accommodate some fruits or other seasonings. The wire shelf in between the 2 compartments is very much removable for convenience. Like the main interior even the door is complementary fit which, can easily house a bit 2 liter soda bottle or a short and stout milk can and other condiments in addition to a couple of soda cans at the upper shelf.

The fridge has got a total white finish with a deep-set handle at the top of the door. Being an efficient compressor it cools quite fast enough to bring the temperatures down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Missing interior light would pose some inconvenience if, the unit is located in dark areas. The freezer is just as efficient to attain freezing point and is provided with an ice cube tray for the same.

Utilizing only 315kwh annually, this Haier model is very much Energy Star compliant. With a requirement of only 15-amp and proper power settings it can very well fit in places where there is low energy requirement.

For places like an office, dorm garage, the Haier HCR17W offers an option of a very portable and handy appliance.

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