HUBPiWi Blue (Bluetooth+WiFi+USB)


I am very delighted to write about HubPiWi Blue.HubPiWi Blue is an add on device for Raspberry pi zero. It contains three USB ports,wifi and bluetooth. It requires no cable or connector and it can be connected to Raspberry pi zero through USB port. This cleverly design module is very impressive in terms of its performance and cost. It costs around $14 which is cheap if you think of buying a bluetooth,wifi and USB seperatly. I was pleased to save my seven dollars. It consist the following.

  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • Three USB ports.
  • Antenna

Bluetooth working is fine and i tried to synchroze with my Android phone and it was OK. Wifi works fine ,you may face some recognition problem and your Raspberry may recognize two devices,you can set device in non concurrent mode and work. You can proceed by running following command on Linux machine.

git clone htps://

                  cd rt18723bu

                 nano makefile

and then set device in noncurrent mode.

You get three USB ports so you can connect your USB Keyboard and mouse and access your Raspberry.   Before connecting you may have to update driver software to recognize your HUBPiWi Blue.

You can connect your HubPiWi blue with Raspberry pi zero through its four pogo pins , and remember to allign your pogo pins on the opposite side of your 40 pin connector. It does not require soldering of fourty pins and consumes less power with respect to your Raspberry pi zero.

You may face some issues with antenna, but you also have option to add external antenna at the same time.  I am pleased to get this product as my Raspberry had only one USB port but now i have four USB ports. This product adds significantly  to Raspberry pi zero.

All i can say is that this device is simply remarkable.84ab956766f12a45ecde794fe6d0b398_original

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