Kul KU39301 Compact Ceramic Heater


As the winter creeps in, a localized heater is one way to keep your heating bills under control. It basically works by keeping your central heater set at a lower temperature at something like 50 degree F while keeping the room in which you stay or sleep at more comfortable warmer 68 or 65 degree F.

It is where the Kul KU39301 Compact Ceramic Heater comes into play. It is designed to keep a room of 100 square feet warm locally saving your energy bills. Weighing just 4.5 pounds, it can sneak in in any corner of your room.

This compact heater is rated at 1300 Watts and assuming it operates for 6 hours a day it will consume 7.8 Units of electricity. At current rate of electricity of $0.15 per unit, it will cost $1.17 per day or about $35 a month. This is just an approximate example to show you how it can save you electricity in typical use use. By keeping your central heating system at 50 degree F in place of 68 deg F, you can typically reduce your heating bill from $250 a month to $150 a month.

The Kul KU39301 has automatic shut down function and this is where the assumption of 6 hours a day is derived. In typical use case, it will turn itself on for 15 minutes and then remain shut for half an hour.

This compact ceramic heater has two knobs – one for setting the fan speed and the other for temperature. Increasing the temperature at higher temperature keeps you warmer, but will increase your heating cost by keeping is ON for longer period of time.


The best part of this Heater is its inexpensive price. As we write about this heater in November when winter starts creeping it , it is showing $29.99 at best buy. This could be even better in deals but we do not know if any exists at this point. We are certain that some deals will show up in November or December deals. You can potentially gets its price back by just a month of sacing in heating cost.

A localized heating has its own downside. As you move from warmer local zone to another room, you feel chill. If you can live with that, the compact heater is a decent way to keep yourself warmer while reducing your energy bill.

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