Lenovo 100S-14IBR Notebook Spec and review



* Intel Celeron dual Core processor
* Windows10
* Intel HD graphics 400
* 64 GB storage
* Micro SD Card slot
* 32 GB eMMC flash memory
* Built in HD Webcam
* 14 inches display
* 1 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0
* Wi-Fi enabled
* Bluetooth 4.0
* Price $250

This you can say as an entry level laptop with slim body and light weight and low price keeps you interested at the same time it has its own limitations.

It comes in silver color and super light weight. 1.66 GHZ processor is good for internet surfing, emails and other tasks.

2 GB of RAM can run basic programs but not many at a time. I/O port consist of 1 USB 3.0,2 USB 2.0, HDMI port, Headphone and microphone jack. HDMI port can be used connect to your television and view.

It come with Windows10 Home edition and has a basic keyboard and will find no issues while typing. Logistics track pad is pretty good. It takes only 6W energy so does not get heated easily so no need of fans which takes lots of energy.

64 GB storage may not be enough or may have decide what to store. It also has micro SD card slot. Resolution is not superb but not bad at all. With Intel Graphics you can play basic games with ease but can’t play major games. Video and image processing is slower. If you give priority to sound you may not be satisfied. The 3MP Camera is enough for applications like Skype and many others. Battery is fantastic and has 5 to 8 hour’s backup depending on your work. Like playing games or doing some major video work can consume power fast. The laptop can be connected easily with Wi-Fi and Hotspot. Graphics is good and fast enough. Construction looks good.

There are some issues with this laptop with regard to low disk space. Even tablet may have more storage than this. Video works and image processing is slower. Does not comes in multiple colors, you will find only silver colored laptop.


Good for basic computing works but not suitable for professionals or for major works. Price is affordable.

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