Lenovo Flex 4 Notebook

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 7th generation Intel Core I7 processor
 15.6 inches display with multi touch screen
 1TB storage
 8 GB RAM
 Intel Integrated Graphics 620
 2 USB3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 ports
 Bluetooth
 HD Webcam
 HDMI output
 Windows10
 Price $700 to $1300

Lenovo flex 4 is brand new laptop with stunning features. The laptop can be rotated through 300 degrees and be viewed in different modes such as presentation mode, tablet mode, tent mode. Full HD touchcreen is fast as it is supported by Intel Integrated graphics. Body is light and slim and hinges are robust. It is very easy to hold and capable of giving its services in wide range of positions.

It has 2USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port. Combo audio jack, SD card slot, power button, charging connection. Viewing angle is very good. High HD makes text easy to read and Intel integrated graphics is good enough to push applications on screen. Keyboard looks firm and good and track pad is good but sometimes you have to slow down your acceleration. Typing is almost noiseless. Power button is present on the left of Keyboard.

Battery life is 6hrs which is not very impressive. Some of the keys on keyboard are small, you may like to have bigger one. You can do video editing but it may not satisfy you in many cases regarding picture quality and image processing speed. Playing high end games are not recommended on this laptop. You can easily connect this laptop to wifi and hotspot. You can connect the device with your television and watch high definition contents through HDMI output.

Lenovo provide store of applications which you can access directly with ease, like watching movie, serials etc. Lenovo also provides tech support application by which you can connect with customer care 24/7 and resolve your queries which is quite impressive feature.


This laptop is useful in the way it can be rotated and viewed in different modes. I recommend for professionals or students who gives presentations and seminars. It can used like a laptop as well as like a tablet. It is fast and resolution is superb, the only drawback I found was its battery backup which is less. Very good for watching movies, videos etc. Overall the laptop is usefull and futuristic.

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