LG LDF8764ST Fully Integrated Dishwasher, Stainless Steel


LG LDF8764ST TrueSteam ┬ácomes with ample range of washing alternatives and is equally featured with easy to use attributes. It is proved to be a strong competitor among the leading dishwashers as it is Energy star certified machine incurring lesser operating cost along with ample capacity. Check here for buyers’ review.

It makes use of eco wash rounds along with ecofriendly drying technique using fans helps the dishwasher to save more energy. The yearly operating cost is approximately $27. The washing cycle is accomplished within 131 minutes, hence not incurring too much cost. The timer of this dishwasher can be adjusted 19 hours later using delayed wash option. This option lowers the cost further by operating during off peak hours. LDF8764ST is not much noisy. The intensity of sound is not more than 45 decibels.

We offered a perfect score of 95 percent for its efficient user friendly features and versatility as well as child lock, hidden controls that are touch sensitive and the most important auto cleaning filter. LG LDF8764ST is spacious with 15 convenient slots. It is furnished with 3 racks and 3 sprays in order to enhance its capacity along with efficiency to clean. It operates seven rounds of washing which includes steam wash, double steam, delicate wash and just rinse option. Along with this it also operates nine cleaning options which includes sanitary, partial load, fast and dry option. This array of controls is accomplished with all user friendly controls. Thanks to the hard food disposer that reduces the chance of choking. With an availability of steam and dual steam rounds, pre washing round is not required to remove tough food particles.

LG offers warranty over labor just for 1 year and offers coverage on parts for 2 years. Additionally, electronics and racks get the coverage for 5 years. Door liner and tub has lifetime warranty.

LG LDF8764ST TrueSteam stands with all easy to use controls and runs on lower operating cost and still offers high level of power efficiency. On overall review with respect to value and concrete warranty along with convenient features, out of 10, it deserves the score of 9 points

These positives of LG model are still dotted with some limitations, still has a caliber to stand one of the leading dishwashers. It stands firm with the backing of massive warranty options and huge array of washing options and convenient attributes. Additionally, the running cost is at lower end.

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