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Monk makes duino is a new simple design at a cheaper rate. You can connect this board to your breadboard through its row pins and use it for various applications. The board is equally good for professionals, learners,students etc infact usefull for anyone who want to work on arduino plateform. The improvement in design and cost is remarkably good for this product.


  • Breadboard compatible
  • Low cost
  • USB powered-5V
  • Current protection through polyfuse.
  • LED on pin 13.

This board is low in cost as compared to boards like Arduino nano,Arduino pro mini. In  boards like arduino nano and arduino pro mini there are issues with pin identification and also seperate USB interface is required to programm a board.Here the pins are remarkably clear. The board has polyfuse for current protection and current overhaults and runs on 5V power supply. It has built in USB to program a board . I am impressed with the design, working and cost of this board. Board can be connected through its pins and occupies nearly half of the board and remaining half of board can be used for connecting components.  This board contains single row of pins and fits over edge of breadboard.

Anyone can do some intresting projects through this board. The kit include both monkmakeduino board and monkmakesproto board. You can connect I2C display,temperature sensor,sockets,16×2 LCD display according to your need. You can try couple of projects like xbees,table lamp etc. The kit contains breadboard,lcd display,jumpers as well and other things that is described in the booklet.


  • Pro micro clone arduino board price is very less as compared to this and it is also breadboard friendly.
  • Good for learning purpose.
  • Built in USB is also ideal for learning pupose.

Overall i found this board most satisfying one. I strongly recommend this board for learners and electronic hobbyists.


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