NOTIXED-Simplifying Raspberry pi- zero


Notixed is a simple solution to Raspberry pi-zero. You can say that its a cheap hardware modification with respect to Raspberry pi-zero. 6d7522efbb51c3a8aa08b8fe6fef6bbe_original It is connected to Raspberry pi-zero through four pogo pins of which two for power supply and two for USB. Thus it turns Raspberry p-zero to USB device and can connected to your desktop or laptop through USB port. You don’t need any keyboard, mouse,HDMI cable,power supply,micro USB adapters to buy as here you can use your desktop or laptop keyboards and mouse. So it saves your investment on other extra accessories. 

Product works by just plugging into your desktop or laptop. Ofcourse you need to install drivers for this. You need to install and configure putty software on windows and provide hostname. You get login console and then you can start with this. You can access all the functionalities /feature of pi-zero even you can  access entire GUI of pi-zero. You can access bluetooth,wifi etc. You can do programming and all the activites you were doing previously. 

I am very glad to have this product and working with this is quit easiesr. Product is usefull for tech-savvy consumers.


    • No need of HDMI display
    • No need of mouse
    • No need for keyborad
    • No need for power supply adapter


With cheap and clever hardware modifications the device is cheap in price as wellonly 3-4 dollars. Alltogether its “NOTEWORTHY”

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