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RCA LRK40G45RQ is an excellent TV within $500 range with its smooth and lustrous body. Picture quality is superior as compared with other $500 range HDTV’s. High quality when it comes to television and movies. You can also connect up to two HD devices via HDMI port. Built in digital tuner allows you to watch HDTV programs.16:9 aspect ratio is the commonly used ratio you can find. Refresh rate of 60 Hz is OK but if you want to enjoy fast moving sports or video games more you can pay little more and can go for 120Hz. You can also consider Sharp LC-43LE653U 43-Inch 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV (2015 Model)  which cost you only $300 plus free shipping. ( on sale). It has AquoMotion 120 which offers effect of 120GHz refresh rate.

Sound quality of RCA LRK40G45RQ is fair but if you feel some issue you can buy RCA sound bar for this.There are different modes provided like standard mode, user mode, power saving mode. Only user mode lets you to control sharpness and brightness and standard and power saving modes are same in terms of power consumption.

A ROKU stick is a compact stick that is placed behind your TV via USB port. It can do rich vibrant video streaming up to 1080p HD. The ROKU apps lets you to transfer photos, videos from your phone, tablets etc. and it gets data signal from HDMI ports or from Wi-Fi to stream to your TV. ROKU apps allow you to access more than 1000 channels and even if you don’t watch television regularly it allows streaming some channels. You can connect your flash drive to TV and watch videos or can listen to your favorite music. You can transfer files from your digital camera as well. The ROKU stick makes this product far more than a television.

It has wide angle view enables you to view from any angle but there could be slight problem at side angle but the colors remains intact.

Remote is as usual, we get for TV but you may find little bulky. The response time of 8ms is little slow but acceptable. You may feel input lag in fast moving games.


Overall RCA LRK40G45RQ provides better qualities and features as compared to similar TV products within $500. So it’s a cheap product which provides features far more than just a TV. Its picture quality is superior and images are clear from most of the angle. Though it’s not a brand of companies like Sony, Samsung, but still it meets your requirement efficiently.

“Excellent Product at low price”.


  • 40” LED Panel
  • 2 HDMI Ports
  • Refresh rate 60hz
  • Response time 8ms
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • One USB port
  • Built in digital tuner to watch HDTV programs
  • Resolution 1920*1080
  • Contrast 5000:1
  • Built in DVD player
  • Multiple Audio\Video connections
  • One headphone jack at rear end
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Price ranges from $300 to $500 according to specification
  • Remote control
  • ROKU stick

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