Review of LG 50LF6100 50” Smart TV


The LG 50LF6100 50” Smart TV should immediately catch your fancy eye if, you are on the lookout for a 50” budget LED / HDTV. One of the latest offerings this year from the LG production lines it is quite an eye candy device from LG’s Smart TV lineup. This television does conform to the high definition specifications with Full HD display panel in the offing. Even though it carries the tag of being a Smart TV, it is not fully compliant with either UHD or 4K resolution specifications and maximizes it screen resolution at 1080p. But the extra high resolution or 4K market being quite nascent, there is a dearth of 4K content, in the movie titles and broadcasting avenues too. But there are plenty of Full HD movie titles in the market and so is the Full HD broadcasting content. At 30.4 pounds (without stand) / 31.3 pounds (with stand) this Direct LED television is pretty much moderate in weight. With Direct LED television the contrast factor is very much enhanced as compared to Edge Lit televisions. The reason being LEDs throw the light forward only and hence very much brighter than LCD as the light is directly emitted from the surface. Measuring a thickness of 2.3”, the television is quite an eye pleasing device. Although you can get it from various stores or online portal, Amazon is offering a better deal on it.

The LG 50LF6100 has given the IPS panel a miss unlike the LG 49LF6300. That miss definitely puts some limits on to what extent the picture can look good from an angle with contrast getting a dip in its levels. Otherwise the Direct LED television delivers very sharp images and better depth to the black levels. Whatever be the lighting conditions in the room, the images pan out perfectly. This television has a dull coat on its display panel instead of glossy finish unlike the Samsung UN48J5200.

The LG 50LF6100 is equipped with multiple picture modes for your viewing pleasure. Those are namely Standard, Cinema, Vivid Auto, Sports, Expert and a dedicated gaming mode too. To calibrate it to perfect settings, you should first set it to the cinema mode and low levels for the black. To that effect calibration disks like Disney WOW: World of Wonder can be used effectively.

With True Motion 120 option (not native 120Hz) built-in, the television is perfectly geared towards high action games as image flow appears very smooth. But it necessary that the viewing mode be first set to game mode to avoid any input lagging issues.

Though the Smart feature of LG 50LF6100 is normal, you are not going to experience any problems with YouTube and Netflix. To process the images it has dual core processor and WiFi Direct option for wireless network connectivity. It does not support Bluetooth but mobile devices can be connected through WiFi.

To enjoy Full HD experience for all the videos shared on your high end mobile devices, the Smart Share option makes it very much easy without any intermediate setup.


There is no paucity of connectivity options in the LG 50LF6100 and it is loaded with standard HDMI ports numbering 3 and all located on the side of the television set. It also has a 1 component, 1 composite, a Ethernet port, a RF in and USB 2.0 port as well. With proper USB support one can easily watch videos and listening to audio files that are in compatible format. Apart from RS232, it is also equipped an optical digital output.

At the lower back side of the television are installed two 10W speakers and are complemented with Clear Voice II and Virtual Surround Plus features. Of these two option only Clear Voice II is more better option. Another option would be to improvise the sound quality by using a dedicated audio equipment.

Finally ….

The LG 50LF6100 comes around $600 and to be specific it is a really good deal if, one takes a look at the feature set it embeds for it. It definitely stands for a good buy, if, some trivial shortcomings are left out of the picture.

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