Sony XBR65X810C 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart LED TV (2015 Model)


If you are desirous to have a seemly designed television better viewing angle, then the best option to be considered is Sony XBR65X810C. While testing Sony X810C’s 65” version and 55” version with IPS panel rather than VA, considerable difference was noticed. As mentioned earlier, it revealed wider angle of view. At the same time it showed prominently poor blacks. If you just have to view TV by siting just opposite to it, then this cannot be the option to be considered.

Sony is presenting Sony XBR65X900C as a refined quality IPS model. It is not much different than the X810C but definitely has a better picture quality. With this you can experience the delight of wider color range which is not possible with ordinary TVs. Even X810C lacks this feature. It is the best option if you want the visibility through wider angle including other high end attributes. But it is definitely not feasible if you intend to sit in front of the TV.

For those who are not interested to have a TV with wide viewing angle, can go for a TV offering good contrast. In such a case one can consider a mid-ranged Samsung UN65JU7100. It carries a higher price tag compared to X810C, but offers good deep blacks uniformity which is suitable for people viewing TV from front. It also offers low input lag which is good on gaming front.

While observing the detailed specifications of the TV, we see the following features. It is a flat screen TV balancing on a 25” X 9.5” stand. The screen borders are as thin as 0.67” and the entire thickness of the television is around 3.0”. It can be a perfect match to view movies with high resolution or the 4K picture. Even with the IPS panel, the black depth is not seen to be uniform especially towards the corners. Even though the Sony XBR65X810C TV lacks 3D features, it offers clear picture quality even with interruptions. The picture looks better when the TV is set on Custom mode but the setting is not up to the mark as it fails to display wide color range.

With some crucial features on the missing list, the Sony XBR65X810C still scores nicely on the resolution feature. It just looks stunning whatever be the resolution of the source content, from the lowest to the trending 4K. Video games are easily playable because of the screen resolution and negligible motion lag. Ambient light doesn’t hamper much of the picture though IPS panel is missing. The Sony XBR55X810C definitely goes down south when the picture is viewed sideways. For the various features, the XBR65X810C is worth the price, but if, picture quality and resolution is of prime importance then it would be better to take a look at X900C.

When it comes to sound quality for this LED TV it tends to lose out when higher volumes are sought. Bass effect is not that surreal. Needless to say it is not that top scoring model when it comes to sound output. The XBR65X810C gets enrolled in the Smart TV category running on the Android OS. Bundled with a standard remote control which, is very basic in nature. What is included is a good number of ports for input and output. The ports are embedded in the side and on the rear panel. On the side or edge it is inscribed with 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 Audio Out, 1 RF In and 1 IR Out ports. At the backside it hosts an Ethernet port, dual Composite in, and a single Digital Audio Out Optical port.

The Sony XBR55X810C consumes 147W at its peak and only 72W in standard mode or in normal mode. Anybody interested in picture quality, the XBR55X810C makes for the perfect entertainment package for whatever you want to view. But if, sideways viewing entices you more than, opt for the Sony XBR65X900C.

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