Vizio D58u-D3 58” Class 4K LED Smart HDTV


While looking out for a large Ultra HD television offering admirable picture quality, it is beneficial to consider Vizio D58u-D3 58” Class 4K LED Smart HDTV. This Ultra HD TV aims for the viewing delight of the customers who are more concerned towards budgeting while buying Ultra HD television. Thus, you have to compromise on some features while making comparisons with Vizio M55-C2. You will get Vizio D58-D3u with 10 Active LED zone whereas the Vizio M55-C2 comes with 32 active LED zone. When D58u-D3 offers Clear motion 240, the M55-C2 exhibits clear motion 360. M55-C2 is attributed with 2 speakers of 15W. On the other hand 58” D3 comes with 2 speakers of 10W. You can bring home Vizio D58u-D3 with the price tag of $1000. Full Array LED backlight offers good picture quality as well as better contrast. It offers amazing viewing experience with distinct blacks and whites.

Vizio D58u-D3 being a smart TV, enables you to browse through Youtube Netflix along with other amazing apps. At the same time, you will have to give up some of the fancy attributes. Neither it is a curved TV nor is it supportive of 3D like you see in Samsung UN55JS9000. Scaling up the motion picture is pretty simple and is a great option for gaming purpose as the blurriness of the motion pictures is quite negligible. But handling motion pictures is just fair. The lag is better while setting it on gaming mode. The major setback with this option is its very basic remote.

The diagonal length of the screen of Vizio D58u-D3 58” Class 4K LED Smart HDTV measures 57.5”. Its edges are very thin and gets support on broad feet. The thickness of this television is just 2.8 inches on measuring it without stand. Whereas, on measuring with stand it is 10.2”. The weight of television is approximately 40.43 lbs. with no stands, while with stands on it weighs 41.54 lbs.

Being the Ultra HD television, is projects the resolution of 3840 X 2160 and is capable enough to scale up the regular video. It provides Clear Motion 240 whereas the M series is equipped with Clear Motion 360. It lays the refresh rate of 120MHz. and the efficient contrast ratio 0f 5 million: 1 along with an array of 1.07B colors. The television offers 176/176 down and across viewing angle. While viewing the TV through an angle of 30 degrees or more will give deterred effect. Testing the signal strength would be a great step to get better picture quality without any fuss.

Vizio D58u-D3 offers sound of higher frequency as it gets its support from DTS studio sound that is produced by dual 10W speakers whereas the top models of Vizio like Vizio M55-C2 gets its sound support through 2 speakers of 15W. The factory setting offers amazing smart attributes like Netflix, youtube, Amazon app and many more. It is fitted with V6 which is a 6 core processor which is branched into quad core GPU and a dual core CPU. Additionally, it is also affirmed to Wireless AC, but the use of 802.11n is commended.

Vizio D58u-D3 is fitted with several ports along with connectivity attributes. It has built in 5 HDMI ports (3 at bottom and 2 on the side), 1 USB port, 1 Composite, a single Component In, an Ethernet port for network connectivity, 1 Digital Audio Out Optical, a single Analog Audio Output and a tuner (again at bottom). It also has compatibility to VESA protocol (400Mx400M).

The Vizio D58u-D3 seems to be a straight forward UHD television having a number of features that allows everybody to see their favorite mode be it movies, sports and even use it as a high end PC games monitor. Although 3D features have been given a miss, you can always consider the Samsung UN55JU7100 55” UHD 3D Smart LED TV delivering amazing picture quality. Possessing very low input lag would definitely entice the gaming enthusiasts albeit side viewing is not that comfortable on eyes.

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