Vizio M60-C3, M65-C, M70-C3


In case you are willing to have a best value for your money for 4K TV then the best pricing goes with Vizio M60-C3.

The best option of 4K TV is bagged with bit higher costs. You will still end up paying even more for Samsung UN60JU7100 compared to Vizio M. But, you will definitely experience better picture quality with smarter features and a small sized stand in association. The best feature associated with M is it’s wider stand.

Vizio P602ui-B3 is a close match to Vizio M but with not so good upscale settings though the local dimming is quite considerable. If local dimming is of concern to you then it is better to opt for M instead.


65” M65-C1

M65-C1 can be the best deal for 65” 4K TV for you are not really willing to get fine picture quality and a broader angle of picture visibility.

This year, we have seen no comparison of Samsung UN65JU7100 4K TV. Though the price tag is on higher side compared to Vizio M, it offers amazing upscaling features with fine picture quality and other amazing smart attributes. You can easily browse through the menu with point-and-click remote.

If you are willing to have a TV that offers good color visibility even through wider angles, then it is good to opt for LG 65UF7700. But the minus is its deterred picture quality and contrast. The picture is even blur with no uniformity. Go for this option, if you really are concerned with wider angle of visibility.


70” M70-C3

The price associated with 70” Vizio M70-C3 4K TV is at lower end hence people look at it as the best deal. You can definitely get even better quality of 4K TV, but you need to shell out higher price for it.

If you are willing to bring home the best quality TV then Samsung UN75JU7100 is the best option. The picture is clearer with better upscaling compared to Vizio M. It comes with a stylish design in association with smart remote control. You will have to pay more for JU7100, but it offers value for the money put in, if you are intending to use it on gaming front or are keener over sports.

We would definitely not recommend KG 70UF770 if you really don’t need wider viewing angle. Though it offers wider angle of visibility, it reflects bright light. Even the contrast and uniformity is not good. To be specific, the picture output is poor under any lighting conditions.

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